How you pack a pump is very important.

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Tips for shipping your pump! We cannot be responsible for loss or damaged to any Item during shipping, things happen. But following these tips will reduce the odds substantially.

• Drain all fuel and oil out. Allow it time to drain.

• Put inside several closable bags so Nothing can leak into the box, a slow drip would saturate the whole box in a day or two. And it will fail!

• Use a big enough box so the is at least 3” between the pump on all sides, top and bottom. Use a strong box that allows tight packing.

• If the pump can move around inside the box at all it will be damaged or even lost. As it moves around during shipping it wear the box and packing out fast.

• We are reiterating that you should not feel the pump move as you handle the box. If it moves at all, please repackage.

• Sadly pumps have been broken and even lost. Box came in but not pump.

• Consider insurance, Lots of it. A pump replacement will be very expensive when you don’t even have a core.

Thanks for reading these tips, we look forward to serving you.